Cameron Poetzscher works in multiple markets

August 13, 2016
In his new and current role with Uber as Head of Corporate Development, businessman Cameron Poetzscher works significantly in the transportation market with additional focuses in technology and online networking -- places where he holds significant knowledge. However, his experience and depth-of-knowledge ranges well beyond the scope of Uber to other markets where he holds expertise due to personal focuses and previous work in his professional career. Poetzscher also has marketable industry work in consumer interest, clean technology, enterprise software, mobile, logistics, financial services and financial technology. His investment work -- private and professional -- in conjunction with advisory board positions has aided this expertise.

Cameron Poetzscher global investment banker

February 14, 2016
Cameron Poetzscher and his wife Varsha Rajendra Rao both received Harvard University MBA degrees. However, Cameron Poetzscher attended Queensland in Brisbane to further his education while the wife is also a University of Pennsylvania graduate. Dr. Jayant Sane officiated their wedding in Boston at Copley Plaza Hotel. The wife has had a successful career at McKinsey & Company as an associate consultant.

Mr. Poetzscher has majored in media, technology and telecom in his career. He has a particular focus on entertainments and internet. Among the sectors he has worked in with various companies include healthcare, financial, consumer, natural resources, real estates and industrial. Great innovators and industry leaders are among the clients he has served. He has a vast experience in international dealings. He has had deals with SE Asia, Japan, India, China, Latin America, Australia and Europe.

Cameron Poetzscher earned a Harvard Business School MBA degree with a distinction and worked as a postgraduate for a year in the Faculty of Finance majoring in management of hedging and liability. At Booz & Co in Australia, Cameron Poetzscher worked as a Consultant and majored in both strategic and organizational concerns and sales and marketing optimization.

He is a recruiter, a mentor, and an experienced team leader. Before assuming the position of Corporate Development Head at Uber, Poetzscher served as global investment banking at Goldman Sachs and gained a 17 years’ experience in that field. In his role, he handled sophisticated clients on various complex M & A dealings, financial issues and IPOs matters.  He was the Managing Director of both Goldman Sachs & Co and TMT GROUP.